Perhaps we were overly naive. Or maybe too confident. Regardless, we are where we are, heavy with hope and expectation, eager and excited to see you soon.

Despite all our best intentions, speedy decision-making, compromises, budget allocations, and pivots to Plan B (and often Plans C, D, and E), we find ourselves rushed and disappointed with construction.

Rumor has it, this happens to everyone. Has it happened to you?

Additionally, we are excited (yet cautious) about the grand opening. As you may recall, the original launch plan was kicking off in mid-December and running through mid-February. Unfortunately, we will not be moving in as soon as we had hoped. As a result, we rescheduled the market. Photoshoots have been pushed. Events canceled. Each construction delay intrudes on the business plan. It feels like there is more at stake than we realize.

Having Hope

It’s not just that we want to move into our house. (Honestly, we could live in a shoebox and be fine.) It’s that, at our core, we want this to be the most incredible experience for you, our guest. We know you are eager to visit (and we are impatient to welcome you!).

We’re trying to stay positive and nimble, but some days we feel discouraged.

My head knows the timing is right. It knows not to rush the process because growth is in the process. The soil is rich here and now, and soon we will have a bountiful harvest, ripe with excitement. My heads knows this. It knows this deeply.

So while we wait for the walls to be painted, the siding to be installed, the lights to be hung, and the countertops to be cut, we are busy as bees working on other aspects of the Indigo for you. We are toiling on the following:

  • Our current landing page will be replaced soon with the full website. We hope to accept reservations in early January!
  • Our marketing efforts are underway. You will start to see more activity on social media in January, as well as additional blogs and emails in the new year.
  • Menu planning and recipe testing have been ongoing projects. We lined up lots of amazing local purveyors for our snack bar (cheeses, crackers, cookies, and more) and perfected quite a few items for our afternoon tea. Seriously, you’re going to want to visit for the brownies alone.
  • Keeping you and your dogs safe is of the utmost importance. We welcome dogs of all breeds and sizes and have planned spaces and policies to ensure even our furry friends have a wonderful stay.
  • Great hotels and inns have notable toiletries. The Indigo will follow. We’ve partnered with a local refiller to source sustainable and natural toiletries for your use.
  • Can you believe we are already scheduling events for 2023? We’ve blocked off 12 weekends for intimate weddings and look forward to hosting many wonderful occasions.
  • Black Friday deals treated us well and by extension, treated you well. We’ll have cordless cellphone and earbud chargers, smart TVs, and a big-screen projector. We have been testing everything out (makes football season even more fun). I sense a lot of outdoor movie nights in our future.

There are about 100 other tiny details going on (did you see the fun designs for our notepads or the new street sign on Instagram yet?), but I will leave you with this. It’s possible that we are just 8 weeks away from a full house tour. Can you stand it? This, my friend, is yet another thing to hope for.