Behind the Scenes: Building Our Bed & Breakfast | Part 4

By: Kyle Thomas
December 31, 2022
The Indigo House Bed and Breakfast Afton VA

We are finally getting into the home stretch and the choices have multiplied in number. On a weekly basis, we are making many trips to the house to choose cosmetic options, answer questions, and check on the overall progress of important installations before we move in. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of decisions, wow moments, and progress.

We left off last time, see the post here, with the outside weather treatment and the HVAC/water piping. The house definitely feels more livable now.

The Indigo House Bed and Breakfast Afton VA

First, let’s start with the outside progress of the Bed and Breakfast.

The crews have started to put up the exterior trim and siding. Once it is up, and the weather is warm enough (we can’t have the paint freezing!), it will be painted mostly white. They have also installed the courtyard wall and are laying stone around it and the base of the house. On a more practical note, we have a well and cistern installed to provide endless drinking water. The septic tanks were laid and covered, too.

While outside, we were excited to set up our business sign. After getting all the approvals from the county, Stephanie and I installed it. We had multiple neighbors pull over and talk to us while we were by the road. It was lovely getting to meet, and re-meet, the neighborhood.

Transitioning inside, we have all the doors and most of the interior trim installed (baseboards will finish up soon). The front door has been installed too. Now we can officially throw the door open and yell, “HONEY! I’M HOME!”

Moving more inside, the drywalls are up and primed.

Once the drywall was primed, we were able to see what a completely white palace would look like. It wasn’t terrible, but we definitely needed to add some color. Maybe a twilight blue?

Paint: Selected. Walls- primed. Interior doors-installed and primed.

The week after Christmas, they even started painting the trim downstairs.

Next up, hardwoods.

We choose two different, similar wood floors. Both were sourced from either old barns or fences and they both have a lot of character.

Now that the crew had something to walk on, they got to work on the bathroom tiling and the closets. This was fun as each room has a different style. Getting to choose the subtle details and flesh out a room was great for my detail-oriented wife.

Now, we are in the home stretch. We’ve managed to make it to the house most days during our Christmas break and the crews have been growing. The siding is coming along nicely. They’ve started painting the interior trim, and the hardwoods are ready to be stained. The last “Behind the Scenes” post will be the final product, and it will hopefully be soon!

I’ll leave you with two dramatic kitchen photos.

The Indigo House Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast in Afton VA