f you haven’t had a chance to read Part 1, you can check it out here. In this episode, we are talking about the three months of framing that took place over the summer.

May saw the formation of the first floor, which holds the kitchen, living room, master wing, and one guest room. We were so excited to see the blueprints come to life. I remember at one point, when only the foundation had been set, thinking that the house seemed too small. However, once the walls went up, and we were able to see each room, the house definitely began to feel real….and large!

Soon after the outer walls were built, the inner walls of the first floor went up. We could envision the cabinetry and furniture (which was great because we had already designed the cabinets – I know, it was very early in the process). You can see Stephanie’s design inspiration in this post.

Once we got a handle on the inside of the house, we started to look outside. Over half of our property is wooded and we hope to host intimate weddings, celebrations and family events. That means, we also started to plan out the outdoor wedding space.

In June, the second story came to life. While each room will feel cozy, it will also feel big because of the tall ceilings. There is also a bunch of natural light coming in from the valley.

In July, the whole picture came together. The garage, close to the master wing, took full shape. The roofline showed us awesome angles and most interior studs were up. This gave us a large sense of pride, as all of our dreaming and planning had taken shape.

We spent quite a few evenings getting take-out and just sitting in the different rooms. Marietta also began to recognize where we were as we pulled into the driveway; it finally felt like home.

As July intertwined with August, the roof finished up and we were able to marvel at what had been accomplished this summer. It leaves us craving fall and what the next season will bring us.

Stay tuned until we bring you the next update which will include internal workings like plumbing, electrical, windows, and furniture plans.