Towards the beginning of fall, the house was made of nothing but lumber and green roofing material. We lovingly called it the plywood palace. Since the outside has turned black, the roof went from green to dark brown, the fascia has gone from not there to there, and even more has happened on the inside. Let me show you how we got here.

The first thing that happened since the last Behind the Scenes post is that the weatherproofing went on. This was applied to the roof and the outside walls. It also included treatment around the windows. You can see it in the pictures- it goes on like black paint, but when you touch it, it feels closer to tar or melted plastic. This treatment keeps the water and air out of the wood and protects the home from damage.

Once a couple of coats of the air barrier were applied, the house went from a trippy, gray color to black. We thought it gave the house a cool, spooky look for the month of October.

They also installed the shingles on the roof, put in the windows and doors, and sealed the house. Now that the inside was protected from the elements, the timeline was more predictable (or so we thought) and it gave the crew a protected place to continue working.

Since the interiors were dried out and protected from the elements, new crews arrived onsite for various installs. The HVAC, electrical, and plumbing all went in around the same time. It was fun to show up a week after they started and see so many things had been done.

We also started to receive some of the more “fun” pieces of our house, including the fireplace and some bathtubs. Stephanie likes to celebrate progress by climbing inside the new features.

Next, the teams will install the insulation, sheetrock, complete interior trim work, and install exterior finishes like siding and trim. Spoiler Alert: None of it is going according to plan and the timeline is in jeopardy. I tell you one thing, we are learning to make decisions on the fly and roll with the punches.