The Indigo House is a completed building.  I’ll say it differently in case that hasn’t sunk in.  We’re out of the construction phase! The equipment is gone, the crews no longer show up bright and early, and we are openning our doors to the public.

The projects may never stop, but we have started to feel at home (as we hope you will).  How did we get here from our previous post? Let’s take a look.

The Indigo House Afton VA dog friendly bed and breakfast

The exterior went from siding and weather barriers to a white/indigo/stone facade. We utilized vertical and horizontal siding to break up the long walls, while also painting indigo on the gables. A somewhat last-minute design change forced us from a stucco exterior to stone, which gives the house a lot of mountain character.

Most recently, the crew installed landscaping around the perimeter of the house. We hope that Spring will bring us more greenery as we develop the surrounding area for games and lounging. 

On the inside, we wrapped up all the painting and hardware installation. Each room was themed after one of our favorite National Parks, which we talk about here

The hearth room was one of the bolder decisions as we went untraditionally dark with the color palette. It was planned as a multipurpose room, and so far it has handled movie nights, yoga, and “work from home” activities. Have you seen clips from these events on our social media yet?

Our two common areas, the living room and loft, have been the center of attention as people have migrated toward the fireplace and the games.

The most underappreciated (but highly utilized) rooms are the kitchen and dining room. We have loved being able to use all of the countertop space in the kitchen to prepare some great breakfasts and being able to serve them buffet style in the spacious dining room. We even hosted a dinner party with a private chef lately!

As homeowners though (and people that like to get our hands dirty), we still have plenty of projects we hope to bring to you. Some of our future plans include a dog run so that your pups can run around off-leash.

We’d like to improve our on-site trail with some hammocks, small fire pits, and other isolated spots so that you can break away and enjoy nature quietly.

We’re planning to improve our “game” lawn so that you can just kick back with some cornhole or sunbathe when the weather turns warmer. 

What ideas do you have for how we can make the space even more fun? Tell us in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading,