There’s something you should know about Stephanie.

She kills plants. 

Not all of them, but most of them. 

That’s why we’re so excited to share this week’s update. The plants are still alive! Despite watering negligence and birds eating our first two rounds of grass seed, the landscaping is finally coming together. Dare I say, it may be on the verge of lush.

 In March, the landscaping company installed a beautiful arrangement of plants around the perimeter of the house. We are going for a lot of natural curves and volume, a softness to round out the straight lines and hard textures of the house.


Here was the inspiration:


By selecting lots of native and non-native plants that could resist dog pee and deer, we got something very similar to the inspiration while still being low maintenance! In less than a week, we went from a muddy post-construction site to something akin to a residence. 

The teams:

  • Graded the lawn
  • Laid seed
  • Laid straw over the seed
  • Added dirt and compost to the flower beds
  • Installed plants
  • Laid mulch
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Since then, we needed to have the yard re-graded for improved drainage. There were still some large rocks left over from the construction gravel that had to be cleared too. Once the site was reworked, they sprinkled new seed and rolled a hay netting over it. This made a huge difference! The grass seed took off very quickly. Kyle has been eagerly monitoring and mowing it. 

We also installed a few garden boxes, started our orchard (pawpaws and pears), added some potted plants, and moved some of our indoor plants outside. Over the next few months, we will be working on:

  • Trail maintenance- The wild plants have now overgrown our trail.
  • Garden- Stephanie’s growing berries, greens, rhubarb, and more. We will add a fence around the area to keep wild snackers out of it. 
  • Outdoor touch-up paint
  • Sign installs- we added two of our three outdoor signs. Just one more left!
  • Window cleaning
  • Fenced-in dog run
  • Decorating the fire pit- It needs some love and personality.
  • Building a deck off the master bedroom
  • Keeping the plants alive
  • A compost station

Tell us in the comments below- What projects are you planning or working on? Don’t have any? Check out these progress pictures.