If you love us, you will want to read this. We are spilling the tea on everything that has happened lately and when you can pack your bags and stay with us.

Things you might have missed

2022 started out with a bang. Both Stephanie and Kyle started new jobs and moved to Waynesboro, VA. We live about 15 minutes from the construction site and visit it weekly.

woman in truck cab with moving boxes

Stephanie packed in the moving truck

It has been a great transition to Virginia. Stephanie has already started making friends and getting connected to the local small business community. Kyle is training for his first ultra-marathon in October (in between packing bags for various work trips and filing a lot of government paperwork).

Running the Bold Rock 4 Miler

Marietta recently turned 12. TWELVE. The good fortune we have to explore with her is not lost on us. She is sleeping more than ever but she also manages to walk about 4-5 miles a day; May Girl is by no means lazing around in her old-ish age.

The house is s-l-o-w-l-y coming along. We finally see the end of the framing tunnel. The teams will begin water-proofing and enclosing the structure soon. You can stay tuned to the blog for our next construction update by joining the waitlist.

Miss our last update? Take a look at the Behind the Scenes post here.

Oh.. and let us not forget to share that we did it. Congratulate us. We found THE BEST nachos in the state. Bonus, they are just down the street from the B&B. They are a must-stop on any road trip here. Seriously, when you visit, remind us to take you for BBQ nachos and you can thank us later.

Some exciting things in the works

  • We are going camping! Thus far, we have stayed on the land when the weather has been nice. Stephanie is getting a little stir crazy and a mini camping trip is a ticket to restore her sanity.
  • We’re moving (again)….out of our apartment at the end of November. Fingers crossed the house is ready by then. If not, we will stay on the property and live out of the camper until it is.
  • The Indigo is hosting a holiday market in December! Steph is coordinating the event with some amazing local businesses (Bluebird & Co). It is still very early in the planning stages, but we are inviting 30-40 vendors and a few food trucks. Supporting the local small business community is a cornerstone of our vision. It is humbling to host so many talented makers for our launch. We hope you can join us!

Grand Opening Update: We plan to soft open for overnight guests in January by hosting a Friends and Family event. This will ensure all the showers run hot water at the same time and give us an opportunity to test out the day-to-day operations. The season will officially kick off in February and run through November. Additionally, we’re planning a fun launch party, lots of staged shoots for weddings and elopements, and a few retreats, all within the first 6 months of opening. It will be busy and beautiful!

4 people holding wine glasses

Stephanie and Kyle with friends Mishelle and Nate at a wine showcase

We expected moving, changing jobs, restarting our lives, and adjusting to Kyle’s almost full-time travel schedule in the midst of building a house, a business, and a community to be no small feat. We are elated to report back that despite a few downer moments, it has been going better than expected. Kyle acclimated to traveling better than we could have anticipated and Steph has a natural knack for starting a company. We are stressed, but we are also extraordinarily blessed.

Thank you to everyone who has called, texted, and emailed to encourage us to keep going, to be patient, and to take a break every now and then. A special thank you to those who have been generous enough to share our little business with your friends, family, and social media following. We can’t do this without you and every big or little thing you do adds up. If you have some time now, share our site with five people and encourage them to join the waitlist.