Marietta’s Ulti-mutt Weekend

The following post has been translated from Marietta by Kyle and Stephanie. No ifs, and, or ruffs about it. 

Nelson County, Virginia is incredibly dog-friendly! They even allow pets in the antique store. When I have a weekend to explore and play, these are my favorite ways to spend the day.

pet friendly inn charlottesville virginia

Good Morning!

Do you know what time it is? It’s 6:15 am. It’s time to get up! Are you up yet?

How about now?



Oh! You’re moving. Great. GOOD MORNING! 

We should really get going to my favorite trails first because I like to get outside first thing in the morning.  No wait, we should eat first. No, wait, hike first. Okay. Yes. I am HUNGRY. Breakfast then walking.

Do you want to explore today? Hiking is my favorite. I have a lot of favorite trails. YOU WANT TO DO THEM. Yes, you do. Yes you do, yes you do, yes you do.

Oh, and don’t forget to take me to the ones with water. I want to go swimming at every trail. I can’t wait to shake and get you all wet too.

Today, Human, you can choose from one of these activities:

      • Meander around the Rockfish Valley Trails. It’s so easy to get in the water and splash around and is only 5 minutes from the Indigo House! Park at the Camille Memorial Trailhead. If we go left, we can walk over to Blue Toad Hard Cider. If we go right, we can end up at Bold Rock. The creek is so shallow- it’s great for staying cool!
      • Spend the morning hiking the waterfall. Doyles River Falls trail in Shenandoah National Park is so fun. First of all, the park ranger gives you a treat just for entering the park. Golly, I love that. I like to stick my head out the window during the drive on Skyline. I whine incessantly once we get to the parking lot for the trailhead; it drives my parents crazy. Once on the trail, there is a spring to drink from and a little cabin to explore. The actual trail is forever long and runs parallel to the waterfalls. There are lots of pools to swim in and spaces to have a picnic.
      • Explore Sherando Lake. I like that this place has trails to explore with a bunch of ways to get into the lake. It’s also super fun to paddleboard on. I see humans fishing. Sometimes, my parents pack a cooler and intertubes and just float while I splash around. There is a part of the beach that doesn’t allow dogs. Make sure, Human, you read the signs.

Now, give me a treat for being a good girl.

Since the exploring is out of the way, can we go eat? All that work made me hungry. I don’t like that stuff they pour in your glasses, but you can get some if you want. Some of my favorite pet-friendly places are:

      • Cardinal Point Winery in Afton — THEY HAVE DOG TREATS. Enough said. Let’s go.
      • Brewing Tree in Afton — The big creek in the back and all the space to run around makes for a really fun day. I can always make a new friend and go for a swim. I like to sneak french fries or BBQ from my owners when they aren’t looking, suckas.
      • Knight’s Gambit Vineyard in Charlottesville — Did you know they have a fenced-in dog run for me to play in? I mean, I personally hate dog parks unless they are empty, but it’s still pretty cool if you like dog parks. You do you.
      • Blue Mountain Brewery — I love all the green space to play. The pizza crust crumbs are real tasty too.
pizza and beer

I am tired now.

Can you take me back to the house for an afternoon nap? Don’t worry, I will be up in time for dinner. Maybe we can go to eat? Oh, you’re not sure yet? Well, check out these puppy eyes. K, thanks. Bye.