After years of these rugs showing up on social media feeds, designer blogs, and targeted ads, I finally broke down and bought a washable area rug from Ruggable.

Then I bought five more.

I do have one major regret…but we’ll get to that in a minute.

pet friendly bed and breakfast afton virginia

Let me give you an honest review of my Ruggable rugs. I have four larger ones, placed under a bed in each bedroom. I added a runner with the premium rug pad for the front entry. Lastly, I grabbed a runner for the kitchen.

Overall, I am pleased. I needed something that could be cleaned easily (we are a pet-friendly B&B after all) and muffle the sounds of people walking. Kyle wanted something that allowed a person’s feet to hit the floor without actually touching the hardwood floor.

dog pet friendly bed and breakfast virginia

Buying six rugs within a few weeks seemed hmm, how do I put this? Expensive. Even with the coupons I found, it felt like a blind investment. Will I like them? Will they fit in my washing machine? Will I like the styles as much as the traditional rugs I found? Will they feel or look cheap? Why can’t I find them in person to know I am making the right decision?!

dog pet friendly bed and breakfast virginia

The delivery driver dropped off a couple of boxes (must have seemed standard at the time). Then, a few days later, a couple more. A couple of weeks after the first trip, she delivered the last of the boxes.

She looked at me and said, “You must really like these, huh?”

I looked back at her and said, “I don’t know yet. Sure hope so.”

Now that the mats are unrolled and the rugs are on display, I am pleased to say that I would probably make the same decision again.

dog pet friendly bed and breakfast virginia

Sure, I might swap out a design or two (some look more high-end in person than others) if I could go back in time, but being able to wash the rugs from the front entry and kitchen has been amazing. We clean them a few times a month.

After washing, they air dry and attach like velcro to the mat to be put back in action. They also spot-clean really well. Fluids don’t absorb quickly and they don’t seem to hold smells, hair, and allergens like some rugs do. The hardest part is aligning the rug top to the mat and then sliding them under the beds.

Speaking of the mat, that is my biggest regret. For the front entry, I upgraded the standard mat to a premium one. It is super cushy and thick. Marietta loves laying on it. It feels nice and fancy and cozy. In comparison, the standard mat feels lousy and cheap. For all the money I spent on the rugs, when they lay on the standard mat, they don’t look expensive.

So, I either regret buying the premium mat in the first place or I regret not buying a premium mat for each room? I’m not sure, but if they offered some type of “Standard mat buy-back” program, I would probably run the numbers and consider it. 

Have you had a washable area rug before? Tell me in the comments, what do you think about it?