Now, you can hire a private chef for a pet-friendly fine dining experience during your stay at the Indigo House Bed & Breakfast.

Aaron Gardner is the Indigo’s foremost private chef, specializing in local ingredients with international spices. In partnership, we offer an onsite experience right here in at the pet-friendly Indigo House Bed & Breakfast in Afton, VA. It’s fine dining that you don’t have to dress up for. 

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What can I expect from a private chef at the Indigo?

Aaron cooks a multi-course meal for you during your stay at the Indigo. It’s farm-to-fork goodness, sourced locally and seasoned internationally. In our opinion, it’s a welcome reprieve to all the pub food and early closings around here. Better yet, if you have a dog, it’s welcome to join you tableside!

Here’s how it works: One to two weeks prior to your arrival, email the Indigo House and let us know that you’re interested in a private dinner. Stephanie from the Indigo can coordinate with Aaron to schedule your meal. He will reach out to you for menu planning and payment. 

On the night of your pet-friendly fine dining experience, we’ll set the table with candles and provide all the fresh mountain air and beautiful views, weather permitting. Added bonus: you can wear comfy pants. 


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What kind of menu does the private chef offer?

The short answer: local, seasonal, and flavorful. Take a look and view sample menus throughout the year. 

Sample Spring Menu

Artichoke salad – farro, cabbage, spring onion, pancetta, fresh herbs, lemon

Fresh pasta – asparagus, cream, white wine, parmesan 

Ribeye – creamy polenta, roasted carrots, pan sauce, chimichurri

Sponge cake – cherry bourbon compote, crème anglaise

Sample Summer Menu

Summer salad – cucumber, grilled corn, peach, scallion, roasted pumpkin seeds, citrus vinaigrette, sumac

Quinoa Tabouli – cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion, fresh herbs, feta, lemon

Roasted chicken – romesco sauce, blistered eggplant, braised kale

Peach upside down cake – cardamom ice cream, peach gastrique

Sample Fall Menu


Roasted root veggies – carrots, beets, apricots, pistachios, whipped ricotta 

Fresh spaghetti – Swiss Chard, walnuts, grana padano, currants, fresno chili

Braised short rib – parsnip puree, roasted kabocha squash, salsa verde, brown butter, jus

Brown butter apple crumble – cinnamon ice cream, caramel sauce

Aaron is happy to work with you for any dietary modifications. As a former vegan, he does amazing things with vegetables and can easily flex the menu for vegans and vegetarians. You will not want to miss out on his salads!


How much does it cost to have a private dinner at the Indigo?

Pricing starts at $300 for a three-course dinner for two people. A bottle of wine is included. This pet-friendly fine dining experience includes: 

  • All ingredients, sourced as locally as conditions permit
  • Site and staffing fees
  • Travel/gas fee
  • Planning, ingredient, and shopping fees
  • Hourly rate for meal preparation
  • An opportunity to meet with the chef and discuss your meal’s preparation techniques

Tip is not included. Additional courses and people can be added for a fee. 

pet friendly fine dining

Better Together

There is so much synergy with Aaron and the Indigo’s values. Both of our missions are to support local farms and butchers so guests can taste the bounty of the valley. Aaron takes those values and with creative freedom, sources, prepares, and serves exceptional multi-course dinners for our guests! You can learn more about Aaron and his food philosophy @gardnersharvest.

Make a Reservation

Now that you can hire a private chef for a pet-friendly fine dining experience during your stay at the Indigo House Bed & Breakfast, why wait? Reservations can be made up to 365 days in advance.