When we were dreaming up the Indigo, we knew one thing was needed to set us apart: A design-forward experience that brings generations together and let’s nature do all the talking. We wanted our new house to have an old soul. After a year of tours and guest feedback, I think we nailed it. Not only can you stay with us, now you can shop the Indigo too. 

This post is for two kinds of people: pet owners who want a more design-forward home and those who appreciate design and function in the home. Below, you’ll find a round up of nature-inspired home decor items from our pet-friendly bed and breakfast in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We’ve got everything you need to host your furry friends in style. Come, shop the Indigo!

About our design process

First, let me set the stage by telling you I am NOT a designer or decorator. I am mostly just obsessed with anything Emily Henderson, Amber Lewis, or Jean Stoffer does. In addition to the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, these three designers brought me a ton of inspiration and guidance. I looked to them for everything from “How do I mix metal finishes in a bathroom?” to “What’s the right shade of white paint?”

pet friendly bed andbreakfast

Stephanie started shopping for the home a few years before we even broke ground. We had a house rule: if she couldn’t carry it to our third-floor walk-up apartment or it didn’t fit in the car, then it wasn’t a good time to buy it. This meant she bought a LOT of chairs, ice buckets, and artwork. That was until she bought the 200-pound coffee table that looked like it was carved straight from a tree (it was on sale!). It lived in random garages for two years before gracing our current living room with its beauty. 

As we were breaking ground, Stephanie worked with Betsy Kraft Design to map out furniture for each room in the house. Spatial planning like this helped better anticipate the shopping list and dimensions for each item so we bought less, wasted less, and could operate within our budget a little better by not rushing the purchasing process.

You can read more about the construction process in these blog posts.

Stephanie bought items as she found them or as things went on sale, an added benefit since it is expensive and overwhelming to furnish a 3,600-square-foot home from scratch. One of our biggest lifesavers was discovering outlets for many of our favorite stores. The Shades of Light outlet (Decorating Outlet in Richmond) saved us thousands of dollars!  You’ll also see a lot of gems from the Celadon outlet, which features scratch and dent items in addition to one-of-a-kind antiques.

As a part of our sustainability efforts, we shopped a lot of vintage, consignment, and antique shops. This reduced our reliance on shipping and mass-made products overseas. Don’t forget to look down while you’re here; the flooring is reclaimed from a dairy barn and fence posts. 

Shop the Indigo

pet friendly hotel


White couch and chairs | Leather reading chair | Coffee table (vintage) | Bookshelf (vintage) | Reception desk (custom made by my father) | Lamp (vintage)

pet friendly bed and breafast


Dining tables (reclaimed bases with tops custom made by my father) | Serving buffets | Dining chairs (vintage) | Bench (custom) | Chandelier 

pet friendly bed and breakfast afton virginia


Bed frame (similar) | Nightstands | Art (local) | Dresser (reclaimed) | Sconces | Ceiling light/fan | Long pillow cover (similar) 

pet friendly bed and breakfast afton virginia


Wallpaper | Hardware | Art (local) | Vanity light | Vanity | Mirror (similar)

dog pet friendly bed and breakfast virginia


Bed frame (similar) | Nightstands (similar) | Art (thrifted) | Bench (vintage) | Acrylic tableSconces (similar) | Ceiling light/fan | Crochet pillow | Quilt (vintage) 

dog pet friendly bed and breakfast virginia


Wallpaper | Hardware | Vanity light | Vanity | Mirror (similar) | Faucet

dog pet friendly bed and breakfast virginia


Bed frame (similar) | Nightstand (similar) | Chair (vintage) | Dresser (vintage) | Sconce | Ceiling light/fan | Small decorative pillow | Black and white decorative pillow (vintage) | Cream and red decorative pillow

dog pet friendly bed and breakfast virginia


Hardware | Vanity light | Vanity | Mirror | Shower fixture

dog pet friendly bed and breakfast virginia


Bed frame | Nightstands | Chair (vintage) | Dresser (vintage) | Sconces | Decorative pillow (vintage) | Ceiling light/fan  

dog pet friendly bed and breakfast virginia

Tell me in the comments below, what else do you want to shop from the Indigo?