Or Glacier or Rocky Mountain? We also have a couple more to devise down the road. While the design of the Indigo is an ever-evolving beast, take a look at the current mood boards for each of the guest rooms.

Opening Spring of 2023

The Indigo House will welcome guests to our four guest rooms, each envisioned after a national park. As a tribute to the beauty of our country’s topography – and a fun way to honor the B&B tradition of thematic rooms – we are drawing inspiration from some of our favorite national parks.

Guest Rooms Design

Initially, this proved a challenge. First, how does one narrow down the most remarkable treasures of our country? Each park is beautiful and inspiring. The business need of expanding to seven rooms partially grew out of my desire to design them!

Second, finding common textures and colors, as well as uncovering what each park evoked took time. I contemplated the places and how we felt when we visited. It is important to me that guests feel that same awe and comfort we felt in each of these places. This took time, but I was finally able to tie the rooms together in a cohesive, thoughtful, and distinctive way.

Working with a designer, Betsy Kraft Design, was extremely helpful. During the pandemic, Betsy and I collaborated on the spatial planning of each room. This process just took a few weeks. Betsy mapped out the needed furniture and dimensions of each piece so I knew what to shop for. She even offered virtual consulting while I was in a store and in desperate need of a second opinion (or sometimes a fourth, as my mother-in-law and my best friend proved to be amazing shoppers too).

A few insider previews to get initial feedback helped further solidify the vision. It was so encouraging to hear people say they want to come at least twice because there are two rooms they need to stay in!

Tell me in the comments below- Which room is your favorite?

Rocky Mountain

About the room:

Our first visit to RMNP was in April, but you wouldn’t have guessed it was spring. Icy snow blanketed the ground. It smelled of wet moss. The evergreen trees, with their reddish trunks and deep green leaves, provided a stark contrast against the bright blue sky.

Situated in the middle of the three guest rooms upstairs, this suite has a perfectly centered view of Ennis Mountain. We are building a custom headboard and re-upholstering the chairs. The Rocky Mountain room has an attached bathroom with double vanity, tub/shower combo, and custom dog quarters for your furry friend.


About the room:

Watching the sun creep through the mesas in Zion National Park is one of the most awe-inspiring sights. The way the rock changes color with the light is mesmerizing and peaceful. We hope to bring that feeling into the space. Escape to Utah in this room!

This bedroom strikes a balance of modern comforts and familiar surroundings. It is part mid-century modern and part rock-and-roll. We plan to add a record player, a well-stocked collection of albums, and various desert-dwelling plants. Zion has an attached bathroom with double vanity, tub/shower combo, and custom dog quarters for your furry friend.


About the room:

Our favorite excursion in Glacier National Park started with a meandering trail through thigh-high wildflowers. Once we reached the deep turquoise lake, we continued up the mountain. The reward was a 360-degree view of three crystal blue lakes and a glacier. It was quite a sight!

This room brings the sweet charm of wildflowers and the serene blues of the lakes together. Added bonus: it is also closest to the community kitchen and honor bar so snacks are never too far away. Glacier has an attached bathroom with single vanity, modern shower, and custom dog quarters for your furry friend.

Shenandoah National Park

About the room:

Being only 15-minutes from the southern entrance of the Shenandoah National Park, we had to design a room after it. We love Shenandoah for the blue ridge skyline. It highlights an array of blues and greens throughout the entire day. This room is inspired by nature’s color palette, the bursting limelight hydrangeas that fill the valley in the spring, and the traditional finishes anchored by the local history.

As our only guest room on the ground floor, this room is convenient and truly one-of-a-kind. There is a single, freestanding sink with a medicine cabinet, and a seamless shower. Its universal design makes it accessible, but not quite ADA-compliant.

man looking at house under construction

Steph’s Dad is on the second story, inspecting the construction.

There’s still so much work to be done, but I hope you enjoyed this look at the current design for the guest rooms. Fingers crossed construction continues to move quickly; our current storage space is almost full, and we are excited to get everything moved in and see these designs come to life!

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