I can’t believe October is OVER. How did that happen so quickly? Where did the time go? Well, I’ll tell you where our time went, in today’s blog.

Most days, I work for 8 hours, log off my corporate computer, take Marietta for a walk, eat dinner, and then hop back onto my personal computer to find vendors, design lighting plans, run numbers, and teach myself how to operate a business. Gilmore Girls is most certainly on in the background and the windows are open, with the fall breeze blowing through the apartment.

It mostly feels like a lot of work.

I tried to take a step back for October — to spend more time exploring and enjoying and less time planning and doing. It was an experiment that did not disappoint. And because I have been a little MIA lately, let me catch you up with the latest life updates.


Kyle started his own company.

Y’all… I didn’t know we could sign up for so much and then opt for more. It’s a slippery slope! But when Kyle’s company was being acquired, he came to me and said, “What if instead of contracting through a company, I just self-contracted out?”

While, at the moment, I hope I said something incredibly encouraging and supportive like a proper wife should, I fear I might have said something like, “Do your homework. Learn what you need to learn to actually do this and then come back to me with a plan.” And he did.

Life Update

After meeting with all the people, researching the legal and tax implications, talking with other contractors, and getting verbal agreements for the next few months of work, he officially went out on his own. I am incredibly proud and impressed by him. He is so smart and watching him build his own business not only impresses me, but I am also hopeful it gives us a little more flexibility for inn operations.

For the indefinite future, he will still be traveling full-time, but at least this way, we enjoy the credit card points.

We celebrated 10 years of marriage.

You may not know this, but I never really saw myself getting married. So the fact that I actually made it down the aisle and stayed married for a decade makes me feel like I did when Ross and Rachel finally got together — jubilant and relieved and anticipatory.


We celebrated HARD. What a milestone! We out-committed most celebrity couples! The weekend was full of good food, great friends, hiking with alpacas, a sunrise hot air balloon ride, and lots of batting eyelashes.


We’ve just about done all things fall.

If it comes with a pumpkin, an apple, a hay bale, or scary clown makeup, we did it this month. October was jam-packed with RESEARCH FOR OUR GUESTS (of course! What wouldn’t we do for you?!). There are so many fun activities to enjoy here and I am delighted to report back that I’ve done most of them without a bead of sweat running down my back and mosquitos or gnats biting at my ankles (like most October days back home).

Our favorite ways to spend a fall day in Nelson County:

  • The corn maze
  • Lumberjack and lumber jill competition
  • Persimmon festival
  • Farmers markets (duh)
  • Craft fairs
  • Cider tastings
  • Apple picking, pumpkin patches, etc
  • Leaf peeping
  • Hay bale maze and firepit
  • Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Pumpkin (and apple) chunkin’
  • Sleepy Hollow production
  • Harvest dinners

So tell me… How was your October?